Caluminum 427 big block, that weighed the same as a small block engine.

I guess you can imagine the advantage it had.

The Yenko Camaro, and the Baldwin-Motion Camaro both has a cast iron 427 CID engine, that was rated at 425 HP. If you know anything about the old days; these engines were way under rated in horsepower for insurance reasons.

By the time the 1969 Camaro hit the market; there were so many options available, that it became one of the most popular muscle cars ever built.

The Camaro has had a long, and wonderful life as a muscle car. I truly hope that the new Camaro can keep the tradition alive.

In 1967 Chevrolet introduced the Camaro; this car was in the same class as the Mustang.

Still to this very day the battle between these two cars rages on…

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