Alex Taylor – The YOUNGEST competitor to ever enter Drag Week (16 years old at Drag Week 2013) – has returned this year with TWIN TURBOS on her Camaro! This thing is bad…and we were shocked to see that she stepped it up this year from her N/A LSX powerplant to this twin turbo MONSTER! Not only is this a car she built for Drag Week, but she also drives this thing DAILY! Watch as she and her dad scream down the drag strip in this awesome feature!

40 thoughts on “17 Year Old’s INSANE Twin Turbo Camaro

  1. rednecklowlife says:

    Thats a cool cute girl for sure! If I was 17 I would chase her around! LOL! Awsome car!

  2. StreatBeatsAudio Subwoofers says:

    I’m calling her out on a race, ! i have a bicycle

    it has superb power to weight ratio (depending on what i’ve eaten)

    1. Abe Dekok says:

      I’d say a quick TT LS swap on your trike should do the job just fine.

    2. Cv8 Metal says:

      @rawrzbarz And a k&n airfilter atleast 120 hp boost

  3. SP392 says:

    That teenager knows more about cars than 98% of the commenters here..FACT

    1. Auto Young says:

      Glad you finally realize what you are…

    2. SRT480 says:

      Agreed. short of her just memorizing numbers its impressive

  4. Brandon Herrera says:

    “I got my license”, LMAO! I love this girl. Wish I was 3 years younger.

    1. Jrodf89 says:

      Her to daddy: No skrew double D’s i want double T’s.. 

    2. Marlon Barrow says:

      @Jrodf89 hahahahahaha….or is either she was saying”I don’t want no Barbie Dolls Set I wants my double Turbos for Christmas daddy”

  5. Captain Deadpool says:

    man i wish my parents would have set me a car up. i spent hours and hours getting my car to run 13’s spending every penny i had pulling engines and working on cars to pay for it. at least she appreciates it.

    1. Captain Deadpool says:

      @ChronicConnoisseur i agree. I knew someone who got a new viper at 17 years old. he totaled it within a month and his parents got him another one. all he did was beat the piss out of it too. plus he expected a new one and didnt really appreciate it like someone who worked for it would. when rich kids get crazy expensive stuff and dont appreciate it i get pissed off. this girl seems to appreciate it and im sure her dad was happy to set her up if he races. Im not saying she earned it because pretty much no 16/17 year old kid earns anything that nice that young in life and most people dont earn it in their lifetime but im glad she is happy she has it and loves it. just from hearing what she knows about it i can tell she didnt just have daddy pay someone to make it fast if you know what i mean. she knows what she is doing and that means alot.

  6. Riles07 says:

    Well her parents raised her right.
    The envy is very understandable, it’s difficult to swallow when you see someone else with such an extreme luxury item that they haven’t worked or paid for themselves.
    But take some consolation in the fact that it doesn’t look like she’ll grow up to be a damn “hair and nails” broad like most girls these days.

  7. JD OffRoad says:

    and that my friends are what we call a rare gift from god

  8. 170turbo says:

    You know why I like this kid… she actually knows what shes talking about. I know plenty of car guys who have no idea what BSFC is.
    Respect to her for learning and taking a proper interest.

  9. Alex DooD says:

    You can tell that she has been brought up in the drag racing community just by the answers that she gives about the car. Nobody seems to talk about how their new modifications help their drag times, it seems like everybody just talks about their big dyno number and their brand new precision 62/62 turbos. Money or not this girl deserves every bit of a car enthusiasts respect! Great video.

    1. George Hardy says:

      @Synergize x Like a very large percentage of drag cars running 9s…

    2. Synergize x says:

      @George Hardy Id say its about 50/50 now on running 8s then thats when they are mostly automatic

    3. Tapio Laaninen says:

      Have to agree. There’s lots of hating in the comments about how it’s daddys car etc etc. She mentioned they estimated the hp from the bsfc. Girl who knows what bsfc is must really know her car, no matter who paid for it.

    4. 524rdsxfn says:

      yeah when she mentioned bsfc i was like goddamn 

  10. JonWarAll says:

    That is insane! I remember the previous video, and I was impressed then, but this just blows my mind. And the fact that she is from Arkansas too makes it even cooler.

  11. Twisted Productions says:

    This young lady is more intelligent than 90% of the people I meet in the racing community. GET IT DONE GIRL!

  12. NoReverse says:

    Ok ok ok. Enough about the money thing how about a 17 being able to keep control of a machine like that. It takes some talent and control to run the times she is running

  13. CHUUMPASS says:

    America! 🙂 you gotta love it. a 16-year-old gal driving around in a 500+ hp street car, to  highschool. then she decides she could use a little more power and now at 17 has a 1300hp daily driver.

  14. Sai Namuduri says:

    “I’m licensed to 7.50 now [in three different classes”
    NBD O_O

  15. brett slater says:

    She’s got one hell of a father, good man he is. Don’t know the guy but sir, you raised her well!! Wish I could find a girl that can turn a wrench AND drive……

  16. Dan R says:

    impressive. i am jealous of the engine! she really knows her stuff!


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