Old Body 2004

Red, the way it use to be.

Red, the way it use to be.

Side view (driver side best)







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Tip to restoration of your engine compartmen

I thought I’d talk a little about the restoration of your engine compartment, since it is one of the problem areas in a lot of car restoration projects, the first thing that you usually notice, it’s the the engine compartment so it’s full of grease, and of course an engine, so the first thing that you need to do is pull the engine out of the car, it’s a lot easier to pull the transmission with the engine, and pull them as a single unit.

You’ll notice once you do this, that it’s a lot greasier then you thought, but now you can at least get to it to clean it up, first I’d take a steam cleaner to it, and see how much of the grease and years of dirt an road grime that will take off, and don’t be thinking that this will be fast, once you can see that the steam cleaner is not getting any more of...

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Chevrolet Camaro – One of the Most Popular Cars for Modification

Chevrolet Camaro – One of the Most Popular Cars for Modification in the Automotive History
By Harry Rockwell

The Chevrolet Camaro was a compact car introduced in North America by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors at the start of the 1967 model year as competition for the Ford Mustang.
Although it was technically a compact (by the standards of the time), the Camaro, like the entire class of Mustang competitiors, was soon known as a pony car.
Though the car’s name was contrived with no meaning, General Motors researchers found the word in a French dictionary as a slang term for “friend” or “companion...

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Classic car auction

Understanding Classic Car Auctions
By Andy Jefferson

Classic car auctions have always been a perennial favorite amongst car lovers, both young and old. So much so, that some of them willingly fork over huge sums of money just to get their hands on a rare classic car!

Now this article will shed some light for those of you who aren’t very familiar with these types of auctions, so you might want to pay close attention!

First up, a classic car auction is a great event to check out all of the different types and models of rare cars belonging to different eras. But since the classic car market is a fairly tight niche, cars are often sold at high prices, compared to other car auctions. And because of this, most classic cars are often not sold at all.

Don’t let this deter you from bidding on ...

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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance By Jeff Foote

You can insure a classic, antique, collector, or custom car the same way you insure any other vehicle. However, many classic car owners end up regretting this decision if their vehicle is totaled. Why? Because when your classic car is declared a total loss by a standard auto insurance policy, you will receive the actual cash value of your vehicle, which in most cases will be quite low and won’t leave a smile on your face.
There are far better auto insurance policy options for classic car owners; however, you often have to meet certain criteria to apply for them.
You must have a minimum number of years of driving experience You cannot use the car for business purposes You must prove that you have another car that you use regularlyYou cannot drive the vehi...

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A History Of The Chevrolet Camaro

Caluminum 427 big block, that weighed the same as a small block engine. I guess you can imagine the advantage it had.
The Yenko Camaro, and the Baldwin-Motion Camaro both has a cast iron 427 CID engine, that was rated at 425 HP. If you know anything about the old days; these engines were way under rated in horsepower for insurance reasons.
By the time the 1969 Camaro hit the market; there were so many options available, that it became one of the most popular muscle cars ever built. The Camaro has had a long, and wonderful life as a muscle car. I truly hope that the new Camaro can keep the tradition alive.
In 1967 Chevrolet introduced the Camaro; this car was in the same class as the Mustang. Still to this very day the battle between these two cars rages on...
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BIG SANDY CAR SHOW 2012 -WE WON FIRST PLACE1967 camaro, Big Sandy, Car show, first place
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Hood mirrors

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After engine been repainted

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Automobile Restoration

Do you love old cars? Vintage cars are shown by collectors throughout the country in shows and admired wherever they go. Owners of older cars that have been virtually brought back to life have a double sense of pride if they have performed the restoration themselves.

There is a difference between automobile restoration and simple rebuilding. A rebuilt car can contain any type of part. True restoration, consists of getting as much authenticity into the automobile as possible, right down to the hub caps. The car will only retain the value if it is restored back to its original condition, not rebuilt into a different car. While “pimping” a car may be popular at the moment, a restored car is supposed to take us back in time, not remind us of the present.

The process of car restoration enco...

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