Camaro A Fire Breathing Dragon

A Fire Breathing Dragon By David Atkin

camaro came out in 1967 to do battle against the mustang, which already
had a head start by being introduced in 1964, as a spring off from the
falcon, it was basically just a falcon with a new look, but the idea to
upgrade a platform that they already had was pure genius, laying that
aside, let’s talk about the camaro, when it came out Chevrolet was
looking for the perfect combination to beat down the mustang, and they
hit the nail on the head, a lot of the top Chevrolet dealers took the
camaro under their wing, and really made it show it’s potential in the
muscle car world.
The Z/28 camaro was brought out to do battle on
the “SCCA” circuit or sports car club of America, and it was going to
set some records during it’s time in the SCCA, the camaro’s arch enemy
on the street and the track, has always been the mustang. The SCCA’S
Trans Am series has especially magnified that rivalry, Ford took the
championship in 1967 and 1970, Chevy dominated in 1968 and 1969, the
driver for Chevrolet Mark Donohue had a stellar racing career, that
included 29 career Trans Am victories, 3 championships, and a victory in
the 1972 Indianapolis 500, he died in an on track accident in 1975.
302 cubic inch engine was added to Chevrolet’s line up, to meet the
rules of the SCCA Trans Am series, which stated that your engine could
be no larger then 305 cubic inches, the 302 became a mainstay for the
Z/28 camaro, which had an option for a 350 CID engine, but the 302 had
made a name for itself, in the collector circles, it’s the most sought
after engine for the Z/28, a 302 with the cross ram option is worth a
lot more cash the a standard 302 with a single four bar manifold, and
when you add options like the JL8 four wheel disc brakes the price jumps
to incredible proportions.
Then the high production Chevrolet
dealers like Yenko Chevrolet, Bladwin Chevrolet, and Nicky Chevrolet
would get a hold of these cars and turn them in to a monster, Yenko
would create a beast called the “sYc” or Super Yenko Camaro, this car
was set to amazing things on the drag strip, Yenko Chevrolet would
contract Dick Herrel to drive this beast “Tricky Dick Herrel” as he was
known by the racing world, Dick would power this car to a standing
quarter mile time of 11.904 @ 115 MPH.
Standing 1/4 Mile Time*
11.904 @ 115 MPH0-60 Performance* 3.8 Seconds0-100* 8.9 SecondsEngine*
427 CID 425 HPPrice* $3,895Transmission* Muncie M-22 Rock Crusher 4
The sYc camaro would spawn the worlds fastest quarter mile
car for that time era, this car was called the COPO 9560 or the ZL1
camaro, this car would come from the factory with an all aluminum 427
CID engine that was factory rated at 425 HP, but the car was
consistently running 11.05’s. That means that you’ve got about 534.68 HP
at the rear wheels, and about 695.08 HP at the flywheel, these were
documented quarter mile runs, so I’m not just blowing up the truth, The
ZL1 Camaro would prove to be an amazing race car, not to mention, it was
still a street car also, in street dress Dick Herrel would achieve 1/4
mile times of 11.05 and in full race mode, with the headers uncorked and
slicks added he would achieve a 10.35 1/4 mile time on his first run.
So for all of you Chevrolet nay Sayers, there you go.
Tell me of another car that can boast those numbers from the factory.
been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years, I have worked
in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, all different
makes and models, I just want to keep people interested in the old cars
because it’s where my heart is.
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